Imperial House : The explanation !

Just to say I’m father again :

I’m trying to do sciences with my own means, let’s explain death and being close to death, so being alive for understandings… It’s hell to make people hallucinate me throught remote viewing but with the mothers of my children we communicated throught time and win merely ten times to lottery and stock exchange. The new world will come consequently to the new borns and my precognizations of the markets.

This below is my second generation of sperm, we gave my sperm throught a time communication and it makes share a part of the pleasure of my ex-girlfriends showing my butts…

It’s waxed sperm by bees and the proof I’m Laurent and Horus, it’s the wall of my house at Tramounet. I have sons and a daugthers actually with. It’s the proof I’ve travelled throught time and even if I’m parasited by mythomaniacs today, it was a source of exceptionnal pleasure.

My idea of giving my sperm came naturally in my childhood, I was big brain mapped and my time machine make me possible to extend my life.

All magical stuffs in this world is life throught time, living is magical, for an example of what it could be done if everybody makes the same artefacts of time like me. On my website I present the works of years about ego and travelling throught time with my own machine.

I’ve got problems with awful people wanting all my « mental power » or releases for them, and I’m still working on criminology, anti-psychiatry, economics, wars with my own time machine prototyp relativities, *Horus*, for my spare time because I’ve loose my little job that allows me to complete financially my works and I’ve worked a lot as engineer.

The metastatic state of my frozen gamètes with my initials and autoportrait :


There are a lot of secrets that will be revealed in time about all my stuffs, but I can predict one thing for sure, we will get less numerous because of the stupidity of the whole, and life won’t be wasted like nowadays as intelligence is usurpated by the pretentious since I was threaten as if I could be odd that would hallucinate.

Because they did not think about falsehoods that deny my works, and because I did not hallucinate what I make hallucinate, and because I’m the only owner of my prototypes and artefacts to do genetics, not propaganda trying to abuse me or negate the reality.

Guilty shity poor minded mind extensions are their built by me hallucinations.

Nevertheless, I found women that loves me, we have got great feeling, the adventure was incredible, and my cats followed me throught even when they said only one time a thing, I’ve learnt a lot from them and especially about the DNA coding in genetics and medecine for my cancer.

And in fact, it was demonstration of the Christ, the real proof by stigmatas that leads me to success, a real study about time since years…

Sharing the pleasure of my ex makes children grow in better ways and the future is build of love and attentions about love with respectfull beautiful women.

Also my code in informatics for those who still seek, I’ve worked a lot :


For those that want to know how « god » made his stuffs, it’s dying in orgasms.




The hidden face of the moon … on raw jute canvas.


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